X F.R.S For Restless Sleepers


CHATELLES x F.R.S For Restless Sleepers

A precious and romantic collaboration #FRSXCHATELLES

This Winter, Chatelles teamed up with iconic Milanese pyjama kings F.R.S For Restless Sleepers to style an exclusive collaboration where city silk pyjamas are to be paired with three most exquisite and elegant styles of slippers and mules.

Precious fabrics and refined colors bring together elegance and romance through three different styles. Two brocade slippers - introducing a slightly more manly cut - display themselves in rare colours: purple red and delicate floral tapisserie d’Aubusson velvet. A pair of mules in Russian green with rich ornaments completes this aristocratic collection inspired by a timeless imperial Russian court.

This collaboration is put at the heart of a sensitive and rich universe dreamed by F.R.S, where elegance and luxury cozily meet. The mini capsule keeps its promise to allow any woman to feel like a modern Russian tsarina while shining in flats!

Collaboration FRS  second #1 Collaboration FRS  second #2 Collaboration FRS  second #3

The limited edition collaboration Chatelles x F.R.S For Restless Sleepers is available in Chatelles Paris store (94 rue du Bac, 75007) and selected stores retailing F.R.S For Restless Sleepers
(also available on mychatelles.com).

X Tartine et Chocolat

lapin tartine et chocolat


Mother and daughter mini-me capsule collaboration #TARTINEXCHATELLES

To celebrate the 40th birthday of iconic French children fashion brand Tartine et Chocolat, Chatelles has created 3 mini me styles of slippers and slip-ons. Playful and creative, they represent a perfect subtle mix between expertise and style between the 2 Parisian brands.

Navy velvet oversize bow Archibald slip-ons brings on a sporty-chic hint, while Emile slippers are shaped in a subtile and cosy shagreen-effect suede. The timeless patent leather Oscar slippers are reinvented with Tartine et Chocolat iconic navy blue and completes this capsule collection where the dream of every little girl to match her mum’s style finally comes true!

While remaining faithful to Tartine et Chocolat playful and elegant universe, this children collaboration gives the opportunity to discover a truly unique collection, leaving parents and kids dreaming of timeless elegance... all wearing Chatelles!

Collaboration Le Meurice  second #1
Collaboration Le Meurice  second #2

The limited edition collection «Chatelles x Tartine et Chocolat» will be available from September 17 in Chatelles Paris store (94 rue du Bac, 75007) and selected stores of Tartine et Chocolat .
(Also on mychatelles.com and tartine-et-chocolat.com).

X Elisabeth Thurn und Taxis

Collaboration Chatelles x Elisabeth Thurn und Taxis header

Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis x Chatelles


Inspired by the sublime style icons from the 30’s – 40’s, like Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford and Marléne Dietrich, the boudoir chic collection has been designed by Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis for Chatelles, and is composed by three original styles perfectly portraying the idea of fantasy, lavishing luxury and timeless coziness.

The styles are made of burgundy velvet slippers with an oversized bow and the heel is covered in black glitter, midnight blue mules with pearls and sumptuous ostrich feathers, and sand color raffia slippers embroidered with gold thread in the shape of a unicorn.

The ornamentary embroidery on these styles marries comfort, luxury and extravagance. They are all 100% handmade giving birth to this boudoir chic collection for Chatelles.

Collaboration Chatelles x Elisabeth Thurn und Taxis second #1


On the left 
Mira Duma, Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis 
On the right 
Sabine Getty, Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis, François du Chastel

Collaboration Chatelles x Elisabeth Thurn und Taxis second #2

X Le Meurice

Collaboration Le Meurice

Le Meurice x Chatelles


Opened in 1835, Parisian palace Le Meurice makes tribute to the Age of Enlightenment, which preceded it, with decorations inspired by the splendor of Versailles.

The indoor shoe created for the Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, inspires the “slippers” style, improved with a modern twist by Chatelles. Both Prince Albert and Queen Victoria used to stay at Le Meurice during state visits. Hence Le Meurice was called the palace des rois.

Since both Chatelles and Le Meurice draw their inspirations from a wealth of history, they do not have less spirit and boldness that ties them from long time ago. At Le Meurice, this spirit is revealed by the many references made to Salvador Dali, who was a faithful host for over thirty years. And though Chatelles collections offer simple and elegant styles, they also show a certain extravagance! Francois du Chastel also needed to be bold when he decided to create, in 2012, his own brand of slippers while stilettos and ballerinas ruled the world of fashion.

François reinvinted the timeless and elegant "Green Meurice" colour code of Le Meurice to create a delicate leather slippers with bronze pipping matching the spirit of the first Parisian palace.

Collaboration Le Meurice  second #1
Collaboration Le Meurice  second #2

X La Maison du Chocolat

A Delicious collaboration GOURMAND


For Autumn 2015 the gourmet universe of La Maison du Chocolat has inspired Chatelles to create Chocolate Slippers. The result: deliciously patent leather slippers, the colour of “chocolate fondu”! The slippers are determinedly feminine and bold as brass; however they manage to shroud themselves in the mystery of La Maison du Chocolat’s secrets. Cacao combined with leather borders creates the perfectly elegant yet sumptuous blend between chic and nonchalance, so effortlessly French.

X Princesse tam.tam

princesse tam tam x chatelles header


Chatelles and Princesse tam.tam collaborated on a capsule collection with Victoria Secret supermodel Julie Ordon as muse of the collaboration. Three slippers were made in luxurious materials as the signatures of the collection 'Walk like a princess ': The Butterfly-knot Print has a total twisted tuxedo look, the sparkling glitters for party and the third with silver wires attached to silk. The marriage of Chatelles slippers, refined and comfortable, with poetic lingerie brand Princess tam.tam creates a deliciously chic and feminine silhouette for a smooth and cosy winter.